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Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat.

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat.

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat.
Finance Minister Nitin Patel in his budget speech today announced a new scheme ‘Vhali Dikri Yojana’.
‘A girl child among first two children of family will get benefit of this scheme. Beneficiary girl child on her entry to first standard in school will get Rs. 4,000, in 9th standard she will get Rs. 6,000 and when she completes 18-year age she will get Rs. 1 lakh,’ Nitin Patel said.
He said the scheme will improve sex ratio, it will encourage girl child education and avail a big amount for higher education and wedding.
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Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat.
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The scheme according to Patel will be availed to families with upto Rs. 2 lakh income per year.
The State government has made allocation of Rs. 133 crore for this scheme in financial year 2019-20 budget.
In an effort to increase the birth rate of girls and to combat female feticide, the Gujarat government has launched 'Vali Dairy Scheme' in the budget. Under the scheme, when the girl crosses the age of 18, the Finance Minister, Nitin Patel, announced in the Assembly that the government will give him Rs one lakh.
Girls' education is already free in the state. I am announcing the implementation of the Whale Child Scheme to strengthen the economic, social status of girls, to reduce the dropout rate in education and to prevent child marriage. The Deputy Chief Minister said that in this scheme, the benefits of this scheme will be available to the girls of the first two children of the family. At the time of admission in the first grade of the girl Rs.4000, another Rs.6000 at the time of 9th standard and when she crosses the age of 18, she will be given Rupees one lakh. Finding a large amount of money for the higher education and wedding ceremony of the girl child. The benefit of this scheme will be available to the family with annual income of Rs 2 lakh. A provision of Rs.133 crore has been made for this.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

TET 2 New UPDATE 30/7/2019.

TET 2 New UPDATE 30/7/2019

TET 2 New UPDATE 30/7/2019

TET 2 New UPDATE 30/7/2019

Bijo tabkko baabte update

The spit that  cy |  2017   That's it.  U |  |  It is important to ensure that the confinement is confidential, with the chaplain saying that even within the state of Gujarat, we have 8 mercury in the litter.  
are vacancies of more teachers in which the main subjects are mathematics science, language and social (as seen in PUJ. The same happens with PUJ's. The RTE Act in Gharsh Koo-3) is the latest science or language and social sciences.  M (rake poison bank of a child who is aware that Napana Gujarat is a pillar to the mother of Pana Pir in the ray of Nine, whose reason for the lack of school teachers is also that of me.  , | Mula is one of the third teachers from Papana Koo and after passing the exams, Shai Jaun Ray takes the lead in 'Marie 1' in which you are given the dead information in total, followed by the 8th Dedemawacht Garment Papers, which are provided by the education providers.  યા ૮ 33 | 
  Parash vala Aala is dexterous, has done 1. But could not get water in the job of marking podcut whose father has been asked to open the Nak Kg 1 / \ VM in the name of 5 | | N / li | m Javani, but do not worry - માળ RTI floor of brutality by the candidate.  |  Information Officer Ta Madhavan knows how burnt!  There is a bird with a constant position of 1/2/3 from the current position of Puku Hu to 3.  A / c of the above!  Riyati has run the condition of teachers who have increased the work of the ni ni napathi ni ni] or as the guardian of the second child of the teaching auxiliary fu to come to Kanta, and in Gujarat, Eri has motivated the youth!  Measurement You finally request that your student be busted for the examination of the students before the 3 exams!  And why do we want to be counted as sin?  We are confident of having a warm March show.  "Do 1. 1 in. - 1 - 2 pass Umiya Sadh Dida Hull Pool (Supply - 
Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee Office of the Director of Primary Education, Block no.  1, 1st floor, Dr.  Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar Vidyalayas Assistant Recruitment (Standard 1 to 3 Gujarati Medium) Year 1 - 2.  District Selection of Assistant Candidates Candidates Recruitment Year 1 - 3 Standard 1 to 3 (Gujarati Medium)  ૧૫.  ૧૦.  District selection of 3 places as per advertisement of 3  ૨૪.  ૧૨.  Was completed on the 5th.  Out of these District Selection, candidates appearing in the merit of the respondents on vacant vacancies at the district level, to get online call lottery for District Selection.  vidyasahayakgujarat.  Candidates for the position of the merit seeing element placed on org.  ૩૧.  ૦૫.  3 and General candidates.  ૦૪.  ૦૬.  On the 5th of 1  Will be able to get a call letter from 00 hours.  Call Letter Receipt Candidates  ૦૩.  ૦૬.  8 and the candidates for the common place.  ૦૭.  ૦૬.  On the morning of 9am  He has been called for district selection at 7am.  Candidates appearing for merit will have to get call letter on-line.  Call letters will not be sent in any other way.  Candidates visit WWW daily.  vidyasahayakgujarat.  Looking at the org website.  Ta.  ૨૯.  ૦૫.  Dr.  like this .  eye .  Joshi, Chairperson: Gandhinagar Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee and Director of Primary Education Information: 1/2 - 1 Gujarat State, Gandhinagar

HSC science Std 12 New Exam pattern Paripatra date 30-7-2019.

HSC science Std 12 New Exam pattern Paripatra date 30-7-2019

HSC science Std 12 New Exam pattern Paripatra date 30-7-2019

HSC science Std 12 New Exam pattern Paripatra date 30-7-2019

GSEB or Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has announced major changes in the patterns of Class 10th and 12th exams to be held in March 2020. The announcement which was made recently by the Education Minister, Bhupendrasinh Chudasma indicated that the changes in the board exam pattern are being proposed on the lines of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) methodology.

According to Chudasma, the changes have been done keeping in mind CBSE exam pattern as the central board has already done away with its comprehensive evaluation of exams. Chudasma further added that the new exam pattern will not only enhance writing skills of students but will also help them perform better in top exams such as JEE Main and NEET. 
Hi there, the official website of Gujarat Board Education Board provides GSEB Model Papers 2020 Class 12 for HSC Students for all subject. These sample papers are based on the latest pattern (syllabus) of GSEB. You are allowed to download these question papers in pdf format for free. You can also download the blueprint of Class 12th GSEB Board students.


Monday, 29 July 2019

GSSSB Binasachivaaly Clark exam date declared.

GSSSB Binasachivaaly Clark exam date declared.

GSSSB Binasachivaaly Clark exam date declared.
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RTI about Grande Pay difrant 2800/4200.

RTI about Grande Pay difrant 2800/4200

RTI about Grande Pay difrant 2800/4200

This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 12 October 2005. Every day, over 4800 RTI applications are filed. In the first ten years of the commencement of the act over 17,500,000 applications had been filed.

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RTI about gred pay full details.

Election staff ne 1 Vadhara no pagar Aapva babat official Paripatra.

Election staff ne 1 Vadhara no pagar Aapva babat official Paripatra

Election staff ne 1 Vadhara no pagar Aapva babat official Paripatra

Election staff ne 1 Vadhara no pagar Aapva babat official Paripatra

In pursuance of para 3 of GR GAD No.BYE-1196/7836/CHH, dated 27th January, 1999, the Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat State is pleased to sanction an ad-hoc honorarium equivalent to the salary - Basic Pay + D.A. of the month of April, 2019 to the following field staff who were on the establishment of the election and connected with the work of the General Election to the Lok Sabha, 2019 held in April, 2019.

1. All Collector & District Election Officers, 2. All Resident Additional Collectors, 3. All Deputy District Election Officers, 4. All Returning Officers for Parliamentary Constituencies, 5. All Assistant Returning Officers for Parliamentary Constituencies,.
(Those AROs who are designated as ARO for more than one ACs, shall be eligible for one month's pay only as ad-hoc honorarium from their parent District) 6. All Permanent Election staff working in the Offices of the Collectors, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers, 7. The Temporary Election Staff in the Office of District Collectors, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers sanctioned under this Department Resolution Nos.

Loksabha Election Staff ne Bonus ni Jaherat
1 Vadharano Pagar temaj 100 % Monghvari aapvama aavshe.
Gujarati News Paper anusar Loksabha Election ma rokayel Election staff ne Janmashtmi ni bhet aapvama aavel chhe. 1 vadharano pagar malshe. aashre 50000 jetlo faydo aa karmchario ne thashe

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8. Stenographers, Drivers and Peons attached to the Collector & District Election Officers, Resident Additional Collectors, Dy. District Election Officers, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers.

Those election related staff such as Data Entry Operators, Drivers, Peons etc. who are/were appointed on contractual basis by way of out sourcing and getting fixed pay will get amount similar to their fixed pay only as honorarium.


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Good news for van raxak new Bharti update 2019.

Good news  for van raxak new Bharti update 2019.

By gujarat government job notifications all help full  group in social networks midiya end Teligram group also help all tyap education update news first update on this blog's 
 Drecruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I.  Good news for

Direct recruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I.  Government of Gujarat, Department of Forest and Environment, Resolution No. Mahak - 1 - 3s, 3 Secretariat, Gandhinagar Ta - 15 001 2018, Sale in:

(1) (2) Resolution No. of the General Administration Department: - Interested / 9/9, Dt: -  2 - General Administration Resolution Resolution No: - CupA - 1 - UO - 1 - C - 3 Tal.  1 - 2 - 3 Resolution:

|  Forest and Environment Department-owned forest guards, Class-I to fill the cadre positions directly from the recruitment of the 3-year recruitment calendar, totaling 3 out of 5 posts - 2 of the filled up areas and 5-year recruitment cAdministrationalendar-wise, totaling - 2 spaces total.

Dfilling, these areas are excluded from the jurisdiction of the Gujarat Secondary Services Selection Board under the Forest and Environment Department.  The order taken by the Government over the General Administration Department for filling up through the recruitment committee: (Resolution of 1 has been approved by the Government,

1. Therefore, the following committee of Forest Department has been constituted for direct recruitment of the forest guards, Class-2 cadre - for the total recruitment.  (1) Chief Forest Conservator
(1) Deputy Forest Conservator
 (3) Deputy Deputy Superintendent of Police
(1) The concerned Mamlatdar
(2) Deputy Nia.  Mak, Animal Husbandry,
(1) Outside
(2) Experts, the above committee shall take the following steps for the process of recruitment of forest guard.
 (1) The General Administration Department shall exclude from the jurisdiction of the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, through a committee under Forest and Environment Department only.  Recruitment Event Page 1 of 3

Or one year, whichever of the two is the earliest, allows for the entire recruitment process.  (2) The existing recruitment rules and the provisions of the existing examination rules of the Forest Guard, Class-I, must be strictly adhered to.

 The selection of the candidate has to be conducted in a fair, transparent and neutral manner.  This direct recruitment will have to be advertised in widely publicized newspapers and applications must be obtained online through GJAD software.

#jay Yuva shkti

(2) The recruitment process has to be conducted through OMR method and oral interview cannot be conducted for this recruitment process.  If any question arises on the interpretation of any issues during this recruitment process, then the Chief Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment Department will have to make a decision and their decision will be final.  (Selected candidates have to be appointed with fixed pay for the first five years as per the provision of circulars, periodicals of the finance department and general administration department and strictly adhere to the provisions of the resolutions / circulars of the finance department and general administration department.  It is the responsibility of the foremost chief forest conservator and head o  The Forest Force shall belong to the State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, at the behest of the Governor of Gujarat and in the name of (GJ Dave Joint Secretary (Service) Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Gujarat.  (By letter) • Principal Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Personal Secretary to Hon'ble Minister (Forest), Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Hon.  . A. Personal Secretary of the Minister (forest), the Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Chief Secretary, Personal Secretary, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, P
2 of 3

Good news click here

All diteal for van raxak new Bharti update on
Full DITEAL for post

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GSSSB Recruitment Senior Clerk & various Post Vacancy 2019..

GSSSB Recruitment Senior Clerk & various Post Vacancy 2019

GSSSB Recruitment Senior Clerk & various Post Vacancy 2019
Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal(GSSSB) has published a Advertisement for senior Clerk & various Posts 2019. Other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee and how to apply are given below
Advt. No. :152 /2018-19 to 166/2018-19 & 184/2019-20 to 185 /2019-20
Posts : Senior Clerk & various Post Vacancy
Total No. of Posts : 869 Posts
Educational Qualification : college complete or equivalent, Having Certificate /Marksheet of Basic Computer knowledge or Certificate in Govt. recognized university or institute with Computer as a subject. or Had studied in std 10th or 12th with Computer as a subject.
Age Limit : Between 18 to 33 years.
Application Fee: Candidates belongs to general category have to pay of Rs. 100/- + Rs. 112/- (Postal Charges) through challan at computer based post office.
Selection Process : Candidates will be selected based on competitive written exam & computer proficiency test.
How to Apply : Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through official
Important Dates :
Starting Date of Online Application : 25/07/2019
Last Date to Apply Online : 24/08/2019Last Date to Pay Fees in Post Office :
Apply Online : click here

1st Video Conference with Rao sir and BRC's main Topic 24/7/2019.

1st Video Conference with Rao sir and BRC's main Topic 24/7/2019

1st Video Conference with Rao sir and BRC's main Topic 24/7/2019

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Bin Sachivalay And Office Assistant Model Paper-5 To 10 By Ramani Institute..

Bin Sachivalay And Office Assistant Model Paper-5 To 10 By Ramani Institute.

Bin Sachivalay And Office Assistant
Model Paper-5 To 10
By Ramani Institute.

provides information about all types of new jobs, academic news and competitive exam materials in Gujarat and India. From here you can get different jobs. Such as graduate jobs, engineer jobs, diploma candidate jobs, MBA jobs, low job and various other jobs. Our site is famous for the preparation of competitive exams. We provide complete examination material for examination conducted from TET, HTAT, TAT, Police Examination, Clerk Examination, GPSC Examination, Panchayat Clerical Examination and other Gujarat Levels.
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  • Panchaayt vibhag ma vividh kedar Ni bharti vishe maahiti maagaavi Che Sarkaar shri e tuk samay ma ja 
  • Compaundar 
  • Naayb chitnis 
  • Vistarn adhikaari 
  • Talati
  • Mphw
  • Msevika
  • Leb tekneshiyan
  • Uparant Biji Ghani jagya o Ni Bharti mate maahiti mangaavI Che 
  • The Village Accountant is an administrative government position found in rural ... Talati is a word in the Gujarati and Marathi languages of India. It is used to denote the office of the ....
  • Taluka panchaayt, gram panchayat mntri talati cam mantri revanyu dipartment

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HTAT Head Teacher ni Badli mate na niyamo taiyar thashe.

HTAT Head Teacher ni Badli mate na niyamo taiyar thashe.

HTAT Head Teacher ni Badli mate na niyamo taiyar thashe.
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